Racing Fuels

Sunoco Race Fuels

    This high performance racing methanol lube is uniquely formulated using an ashless technology to greatly decrease deposits. It is a 'step up' product that works like no other upper/top lube in the market. The result is a synergistic formulation ideally suited to meet the stringent demands of methanol  applications.

    Upper/Top Lube provides -
    • Exceptional Lubrication
    • Lubricates cylinder walls during combustion like no other product.
    • Ashless Formula – leaves no deposits, burns clean.
    • Improves horsepower, and torque in most applications.
    • Highly concentrated. One 16oz bottle treats a 55 gallon drum of methanol
    • Eliminates Fuel Wash-down      

Extreme Performance Plus

  • Methanol Typical Specifications:
    • Specific Gravity: .795 @ 60 ° F
    • Color: Clear & Bright
    • RVP: 4.60
    • Oxygen Content: 49.93%
    • Purity:   99.85% minimum

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