Automotive Grease

Doolittle Oil has a full range of grease products and the expertise to help you find just what you need.

EXtreme Performance Plus Automotive Grease:

  • Syngard Supreme
  • Spider Red
  • Spider Black
  • XPP Multi-Purpose Grease
  • XPP 5th Wheel/Open Gear/ Drill Rod Grease
  • XPP Red Winter Grade
  • XPP Contractor's Grease - Winter Grade
  • XPP Semi-Fluid Greases
  • XPP Brick Grease
  • Crown Tech Edge HD Food Grade Grease
  • XPP Moly Yellow Robot Grease
  • Custom Grease
  • Bio-Based 5th Wheel Grease

Phillips 66  Automotive Grease

  • Multiplex Red
  • Megaplex Xdunoba
  • Omniguard
  • Polytac
  • Triton 220
  • Triton 460

Shell Automotive Grease

  • Gadus S3 V220C (Formerly Retinax LX 2)

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